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How to Get Your First 1000 Downloads to The First of Many

After weeks and months of brainstorming, coding, testing, trials, and errors, you launched your app successfully. Pat on your shoulder. You touched a peak at which many people gave up even before they are halfway. But now, when you reached this peak, re-energize yourself, because you still have a long way to go. Look ahead, there is another peak you need to climb. It is to make it popular and gain more downloads for your app.

But again, you might be wondering why 1000? Even Tony Stark got “I love you 3000.” But why the first milestone for your app is merely 1000? 1000 is neither a large nor a small number. It’s enough to get you discovered by search algorithms to leverage your efforts. It’s enough to help you spread the news and talk about it if it’s worthy of bragging about.

It is doable to aim for over 1000 downloads, and we’ll show you how. To guarantee a successful mobile app right away, our mobile app marketing professionals have compiled some of the best practices that you must adhere to.

how to get an app to download faster
App Store Optimization (ASO):

It is ridiculous to anticipate that thousands of consumers will automatically visit your recently launched mobile app to download it. In actuality, newly released mobile apps rarely show up in search results and are not given priority by search engines. App Store Optimization is one of the best strategies to deal with this and make sure that your app starts to show up in the search results.

  • Title: One of the most crucial aspects of optimizing your app listing page is selecting the title. The app name is distinct from the app title. The app name that shows on your mobile devices is different from the app title that appears on the app listing page. The app’s name should be a brief, precise description of what it performs. App titles are optimized, and an optimized app title aids in the app store’s understanding of the app’s subject matter and intended user base. Your app’s name should be succinct, clear, and pertinent to the target market.
  • Icon: Your mobile app’s symbol represents both it and your brand as a whole. As you do not want to lose the fantastic marketing chance, ensure it is well planned. A strong visual presence in the users’ minds is just as crucial as good information. Your app’s icon should be enticing and appealing enough to encourage consumers to download and frequently use it. On the user’s mobile device, make sure it sticks out from the other app icons.
  • Keywords: Everything about your app should be effectively optimized with the right keywords pertinent to your business purpose and target market, from the content of your app title to the material of your app description and much more. As a result, choosing the appropriate keywords for the content of your app listing page requires a significant amount of time and work. Additionally, you must conduct some study on your current rivals to find out what they are doing well and where you might make improvements to acquire a competitive advantage.
  • App Description: The app description gives a potential app user an overview of your app when someone browses your app listing page. Two different fields must be filled out when submitting an app for publication to the app store to include a description for the app. Your short description has a character limit of roughly 80, while the long one has a 4000-character limit. By adding the right keywords to your app description, ensure that the app store recognizes your authority in your industry. It will raise the position of your mobile application in the search results.
  • App Snippet: Do not simply upload plain screenshots from your mobile application when uploading screenshots for it. Hire experts to properly design them. These screenshots ought to be captivating and appealing enough to persuade anyone to download your mobile app. If you look at top-performing apps, you’ll see that they publish incredibly lovely and informative designs that entice users to download the mobile application.

Nothing beats quality. Everything should be optimized, from the user experience to load times, to ensure that users stay on your mobile app and do not switch to one of your rivals. When you want your mobile application to generate sales and conversions, this issue becomes even more crucial. Let’s examine statistics that contrast how much it costs to keep a repeat customer on iOS versus Android. Retaining a long-term iOS user costs about 30% less on average than retaining a long-term Android user.

Google Index:

Get your mobile application indexed on Google like the next step. Typically, Google’s search engine will immediately index the URL of your mobile application. However, if your software is still not indexed even after a week or two, have professionals manually cache it. It will increase the downloads and visibility of your app. A mobile application also aids in search engine optimization and ranking improvements for your website.


The price plan is one of the key elements in encouraging downloads of mobile applications. You must ensure your mobile app is available for a free download if you want to reach the 100 download milestone. Although you might use a freemium model or in-app purchases, the mobile app should initially be available for free download. It will motivate potential customers to experience your app before investing their time & effort.


The goal of marketing is to engage users of your app from the moment they learn about it until they become devoted and frequent users. You need to identify your target audience, where to find them, and what to say to them to accomplish this effectively.

  • Social Media: Being active on social media sites helps your users interact with you and encourages consumer involvement, which is crucial for B2C firms. It serves as an excellent branding tool. If your company is currently up and running, chances are good that you already have social media profiles for your brand. It’s time to use that to advertise your mobile app. Promote your mobile application widely with posts, stories, videos, and other content on social media. Some of the most popular social media networks available today include Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For targeted promotions, pick the most appropriate for your target market.
  • Content Marketing: Your marketing strategy and efforts should focus primarily on content marketing forms. The best way to communicate with your audience while promoting your mobile app is through this method. This covers a variety of activities, such as the consistent posting of excellent content, both on and off the page, such as writing for sites like Medium and Blogspot. This action not only strengthens your brand’s trust but also works as a fantastic marketing tool for your services and the newest offers and bargains related to them.
  • Video Marketing: Another relatively new marketing tool that has already made a significant impact is video marketing. Video marketing can be used for influencer marketing or product reviews. Since videos are quicker and easier to understand than textual content, they are becoming more and more popular. Promote your mobile application widely by regularly uploading videos. This not only gets your brand the most exposure but also encourages them to download your mobile app. Make sure your films are interesting and the right length. A strong thumbnail, the ideal title, description, and tags can optimize the movies.
online marketing plan for app
Press Release:

Your mobile application can be promoted by many online and offline newspapers and news organizations, giving you the required visibility. You wouldn’t want to skip this step if you were aiming to reach the 1000 downloads milestone. Be aware that there are many free PR firms, but their small clientele prevents them from providing the necessary exposure. You could wish to test the waters by launching your campaign with a free PR.


Introduce referral marketing to the consumers of your app. For each successful referral, you might implement a little incentive or reward. As a result, your customer base will eventually grow as existing customers encourage others to join them. Additionally, you can make your current, devoted consumers into advocates who will spread the word about your mobile app among their networks.

You now have a solid strategy to advertise your new mobile application. Your mobile app marketing strategy is complete with the aforementioned tried-and-true promotion techniques, and you’re on the correct route to achieving your objective of having more than 1000 mobile app downloads. Many first-time entrepreneurs come to Black Widow Tech, an iOS and Android application development business, for assistance with the launch of their apps. As a result, we decided to list every strategy to assist apps in gaining early popularity as a service to our current and potential clients.